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2 weeks ago I had the chance to talk to the Italian Alt.NET community about IronRuby. I’m pretty excited about the Ruby language and I try to convey that enthusiasm onto my victims. From the talks I had afterwards it looks like I was able to infect at least one or two enough to make them go home and download IronRuby to have a play. It is the very first time that I get to see one of my presentations myself because this one got taped and put online.

If there is one thing that watching this video has taught me then it will probably be that I need more practice and to prepare a lot better. Since I’m a kid I have the habit of walking into things hugely underprepared. I take the big bullet points of what I’m supposed to say and make a story around it when I start talking. It was my belief that those things feel more natural. After having watched this presentation I may have to come back on my point of view and probably prepare better. I don’t believe that learning everything you’re going to say by heart is a good solution either because if you then forget one thing you’re completely lost in your storyline and you may freeze.

I guess it would probably be a good idea for me to get a video camera and tape a few practice runs of presentations so that I can improve and look way more professional next time I get on a stage. That being said I really enjoy doing those things. The good thing about doing those sessions is that I get to talk to many interesting people about subjects close and dear to me.

Anyway you’re probably not waiting for me to completely dissect my performance so instead I’ll leave you with the link to the video


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