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Attending TechDays Belgium 2009

On march 11 and 12 this year there will be TechDays Belgium

I’m personally looking forward to the event because I will get to meet Laurent Bugnion in person.  I’ve been following him on twitter for over a year now and it would be cool to finally put a face (apart from the avatar) to the author :)

There are some really interesting sessions there. At least they are for me, mostly towards silverlight and WPF development.  I’m mostly doing WPF dev work at the moment. Silverlight is just something that interests me naturally. I started development by writing code in flash and animating 3D generated models. I turned away from flash because of the dev tools support and fully went into .NET after that.  I was stoked to learn about silverlight and I even like the tools it has to design interfaces with, but of course I’m not a designer so I minimize the time spent in there and hope for somebody to come along and make it look good.   I love javascript but css not that much and my velocity is higher in Silverlight to develop the complexer kind of UI so I’m also very interested in the Silverlight stuff.

Maybe it’s harder for me to get excited about the new language features of C# 4.0 as for me there aren’t that many new features to me although for the c# language the features are huge. Variance is something I’ve been waiting for since the introduction of generics, for dynamic typing I can get my fix with IronRuby of course. I rarely do COM interop but it will be nice if it gets better support for that. Named parameters however are new and pretty interesting to me. While it will be a hard sell for me to introduce IronRuby into client work. I can still do lots of tricks with the dynamic typing support in C#4 which is pretty cool too. I’ve got my ticket have you got yours?

If you’re going too let me know so we can catch up for a beer.

See you there :)


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