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Participating in the Italian Alt.NET User Group

I just finished my talk at the Italian Alt.NET conference. There were the following topics of discussion:

  • Domain Driven Design

  • User stories & planning game

  • Advanced Unit Testing in the real world

  • Acceptance testing (Fitness)

And of course my topic was IronRuby

Because of the level of my italian or better yet the lack thereof I couldn’t participate in many of the discussions. IMHO that was a pitty because I actually do like having discussions about programming and designing applications.

My talk went alright judging by the reactions of the people that listened to my talk. Simone filmed the whole day and told me he would put up the videos on vimeo for all to see. What I thought was particularly good for IronRuby is that there definitely interest in for using IronRuby. The most obvious places for people to start using ruby are RSpec (when it works OTB) and rake as a replacement for nant or msbuild scripts. Of course if you ask me then there are plenty of other reasons to use IronRuby like Silverlight and WPF.

For the people that are interested in my presentation you can download it from google code. Most of the code that I’ve showed is included in the presentation as notes. All in all I had a great time and I hope the italian community will invite me again some time :). Italy has the benefit that they have great food and wine and that makes it very easy to convince me to take the plane :)

I couldn’t show everything because I got carried away at one point and lost track of time. So I had to drop my demo’s about using bacon (as a replacement for RSpec) to start writing specs for your .NET code today. I also wanted to show some of the stuff Jimmy Schementi did with Silverlight and IronRuby. Like agdlr and the integration for Ruby on Rails he created with the silverline plugin. But unfortunately I ran out of time before I could show off some of those things.

I had the opportunity to talk to the Italian member of the Mono team, Massimiliano Mantione. And this is what I love about conferences, they are full of interesting people with all kind of ideas. When I go to an event like TechEd or something I generally don’t actually attend many sessions because most of that content is available online anyway. Instead I will roam the hallways etc in search of good conversations and intersting people. Meeting the member of the mono team made me slightly envious because he’s doing what I would love to be doing too :) He’s working from home and getting paid to work on FOSS. He mentioned some intersting stuff the mono guys are doing and explained from a high level how they got the C# eval to work.

Some other notable facts about how they did the conference, which I liked a lot. The conference is free to attend, but they did have the possibility to accept donations. It were those donations that paid for my flight over here :). The way they organized the conference was in an Open Spaces format which is very open for discussion and they were completely transparent as to how the money had been spent. They still had some money left and donated that to an open source project. The open source project was chosen through voting.

The open source projects on the list of possibilities were:

In the end it was Rhino.Mocks that won the vote and they have received the donation.

I would like to thank the organizers of the conference for having me and the people that followed my talk for not falling asleep.


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