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A Status Report on the IronRuby in Action Book

The last couple of months I’ve been fairly busy writing my book. I had a first draft ready and that was submitted for review.

At this moment I’m working through all the remarks that the reviewers gave me. Some of them were quite good and made me realise that not everybody expects what I’m expecting from an IronRuby book. So I’ve been expanding some explanations and rewriting big chunks. I expect that we will have another review round soon. I have to process those remarks again and at that stage we’ll probably be ready to publish it in and EAP style.

Now that my first 3rd is done I’m starting at actually developing applications with IronRuby. I’m pretty curious to a couple of things from the community.

At this stage I have the following things planned for DataAccess.

I’ll include a brief tutorial on how to use IronRuby with:

  • SubSonic
  • Castle ActiveRecord
  • Linq2Sql
  • Rails ActiveRecord
  • LightSpeed

I would like to know which one I should emphasize most and focus on most.

After that I’m starting on WPF and/or Winforms. At this stage I’ve only planned to talk about WPF and not about Winforms. But I’d like to confirm if that is the general idea from the people that are going to take this IronRuby ride with me.

When I start talking about ASP.NET which topics are of most interest ?

That are all the questions I have for now. When I have more questions I’ll surely post them. And I would like to thank everybody that puts his 2c in.

I’ll post more when I have more news around the book.

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