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VLite: Stripping Down Your Vista Install

One of my collegues at Xero put me onto this tool vlite which helps you build a custom ISO with only the features you need for your vista install.

Nowadays I’m running ubuntu x64 with vmware as my base system and I have a vista running in a vmware workstation virtual machine. I’m using vmware workstation instead of server because it allows me to use dual monitors inside my virtual machine which I think is abslotely fantastic.¬† Thanks to Alex Henderson for pointing that out to me.

My vista has got sql server 2k5 and visual studio 2008 beta 2 installed.

So the stripped down version of vista fits on a cd instead of a dvd and is heaps faster than the regular install of vista. My vista only needs IIS I don’t need all the other stuff it has got.

I hope you will find this as useful as I did when I learnt about this tool.

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