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Wellington - Lunch With Geeks (04/09/2007)

This week we had another lunch with geeks.  The attendance was good and we talked about a number of things.

The first thing we talked about was broadening the scope of this group to other technologies. We are looking for people from RoR community and the Java community. We do have 1 java person that attends our meetings regularly but we’d like to get some more. So if you’re in Wellington and you do development these lunches may be something for you.


Another thing we talked about was: What’s the best microsoft product? And what’s the worst?

on the question of worst we had a consensus : windows ME.

on the question what is the best product I guess the most votes went to CLR/.NET Framework. Somebody also mentioned Flight Simulator :)


We also talked about Aspect Oriented programming and we got a little confused by what the PolicyInjection Block is about in the Enterprise Library.  It claims to do AOP but somebody pointed out that it doesn’t quite do that. It does most of the AOP features but not all of them and it’s a little intrusive because it has to be defined by the caller.


The only problem we had was that there was another group in the pizza place so I couldn’t understand most of what was being said. Please email me the stuff I forgot about or add it in the comments.

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