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This Blog Has Been Moved and Upgraded

I moved my blog to be on webhost4life.com

I’m also changing blogging engines and announcing that I will stop development on nblogr.

NBlogr was almost ready for a v1 release but it has too big of a memory footprint. The footprint is 70MB which is too much for a blog.

To fix this I would have to change my data access layer to a different approach.  I decided instead to switch to subtext and I’ll see which features I can provide from nblogr for subtext as plugins. I also don’t have the time anymore to occupy myself with nblogr.

The feed should remain working without a change. I upgraded my blog to subtext using Ayende’s instructions

Which means that the permalinks should still work but urls that contain a guid won’t work anymore.

The reason for moving from dasblog to subtext are the same as why i started nblogr in the first place. Dasblog has been nothing but a hassle for me. It is often down, does only trackbacks to my own domain, and many more annoyances.

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