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The Language Debate

Rowan Simpson: http://rowansimpson.com/2007/07/04/c-vs-vbnet/

Andrew Peters: http://andrewpeters.net/2007/07/03/73/

Alex James: http://www.base4.net/blog.aspx?ID=515 and http://www.base4.net/blog.aspx?ID=520

Nick Randolph: http://community.softteq.com/blogs/nick/archive/2007/07/03/languages-only-part-of-the-equation.aspx

Alex Henderson: http://blog.bittercoder.com/PermaLink,guid,05fc0109-3215-410e-8009-447c1e74cacb.aspx

Shouldn’t be a debate at all. I have a personal preference in languages which goes in this order C#, Ruby, Javascript, Boo/brail,  a bunch of languages i don’t know yet, xml + xslt

Why C# is first on the list is because it comes with visual studio which is IMHO the best IDE out there for the moment.

VB.NET isn’t in the list because I don’t see the point in learning another language that is just as powerful as c# but has got a very ugly way for forming syntax. VB doesn’t feel logical to me.

I don’t program in a language because of aesthetics but how they flow from my brain onto the keyboard and the purpose of what I’m writing the script for. I tend to think in larger picture concepts languages that support that better have a distinct advantage in my book.

my 2c.

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