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Ubuntu Linux Delivers Great Value

Yesterday evening I installed Ubuntu linux because i want something where i can run mono on that is not running on a windows OS. Lately I’ve got this thing that I want my apps to work cross-platform etc. So I’ve been looking into linux type of OS’es.

The two I like are suse and ubuntu now. Don’t really care much about redhat never have.

In my life as an IT professional I’ve worked with several linux distributions. I don’t know if mandrake is still around but those guys were my first linux installation for firewall implementations, until they got the idea to make their software not free anymore.

Anyway back to ubuntu. It isn’t mac os but it is the easiest linux I’ve used so far. It took me about 30 minutes to install it on my virtual server. And it took anoter 10 to get mono installed on it.

The experience is a whole lot better than having to fiddle all over the place with settings and conf files.

Also I didn’t get the questions about root etc.. Yes this distibution is streamlined and works properly.

And now I finally have a real operating system to put on the iMac that runs on our network. Because MacOS 9 isn’t really networking and Ajax friendly.  The only browser that runs on that iMac is iCab and if you have some experience with iCab then you’ll know that that is not really worth calling a browser.

You can run download an alternate distro of ubuntu that runs on the iMac architecture.

Yes another thing there were only a couple downloads to chose from not the usual list where you almost need to know your motherboard type to get the right version down.

Below is a screenshot. Look at the folder list on the left. It’s not your usual confusing bit but this time it has got real indications of what you want to do. :)

This doesn’t mean I will uninstall Vista and start working on linux from now on but I’m happy about the fact that I don’t have to deal with Mac OS 9 anymore on the intranet for the browser application.

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