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Globat.com Tactics Scandalous

First off I am not going to link to them in this post because that would be like free advertising.

A couple of months ago I took 2 domainname accounts with them and ever since they have been sending me emails every couple of days telling me i need to upgrade my account to some super hosting plan they provide.

I don’t need the friggin hostiing because I have my own server running.
Their constant emailing has made me classify them into a folder that doesn’t show up in my unread mails.

So the latest tactic, which can be called dodgy at the very least, is to send an email about an automatic upgrade and if you fail to opt-out you get a hosting account @ 40USD/month

The letters they sent (I won’t be posting all the other mails of course) :

1st e-mail :

Dear Ivan,

We would like to extend an incredible money-saving offer for medlr.com to thank you for your continued business. In 10 days from this date, we will be providing you with an upgrade to our new TeraByte Pro(tm) Hosting package at the low cost of just $39.95!

This amazing promotion is part of our new special upgrade program of hosting services for our loyal customers. The feedback we received about the upgrade program has been overwhelming. We heard from many of our customers who learned about these upgrade promotions too late or through a friend. Many customers then suggested that we utilize an automatic upgrade process along with some form of an additional incentive to initiate these upgrades. Well, we have listened to your feedback and we are ready to act!

= = = Take Your Domain to the Next Level = = =

As our dedicated domain customer, you will be receiving an automatic upgrade to Globat.com’s award-winning hosting services at a highly-discounted price of only $39.95, instead of $95.40! That breaks down to only $3.33 per month, truly a price that won’t break the bank!

2nd e-mail: (medlr.com has nothing on it, don’t follow)

Dear Ivan,

Congratulation! As per our previous notices, today we have upgraded your hosting account for www.medlr.com to our all new Terabyte Pro™ level and processed your invoice 3629260 in the amount of $39.95 through your credit card account on file.

You are now utilizing Globat.com’s industry-leading TeraByte Plus Hosting(TM) solution! With this upgrade you have also locked in your web hosting pricing for as long as your account remains in this program. You have also qualified to receive one free month of web hosting. To claim your free month please go to:


and enter the following coupon code


into the field provided. Then hit the “Add My Free Month” button. Upon completion of this step your free month will automatically be added to your current account renewal date and you can view your next renewal date at:


or view your receipt for this transaction at:



My response in as much words as i want to give them.

Excuse me I DON’T want anything I DID NOT EXPLICITLY ORDER.
Please cancel your super promotion. I’ll move my domain names because
I think these tactics are scandalous.

I’ll start blogging about it too.. What type of gangsters are you guys.
Where is it legal that I buy stuff because I did not tell you i didn’t  want it.


By the time I had finished this email. They already came back to me telling me my money has been refunded.
I’m going to post it anyway because I do think that if that is the direction we are heading then I think nobody will every be safe. Becauwe whenever you buy something somewhere it gives the seller the right to sell you more stuff without even approving the buy.

Well, it feels good to get that of my chest. I’m wondering where these globat people won their award, must be in the gangster syndicate or something, maybe they got it from the Soprano family or something.

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