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Modern Web Design Time Division

My friend Miel found this site from poisoned minds.

They have a nice breakdow on how time is really spent when developing a website. Of course this is good for a laugh :)

Poisoned mind webdesign piechart

I think they do have a point with the pure css lay-out. I for one am a dropshadow fan because if I put 2 divs on top of each other they need to look like there is some distance between them. I like the depth af the whole idea.  Up till now I haven’t found a way to create a rectangle with rounded corners and a dropshadow (like in photoshop or fireworks dropshadow) using only divs. I can do it easily using tables tho.

But IE users must die. People love to attack microsoft stuff and I think those that complain about the quirks in IE start developing their site for other browsers than IE and that’s where those people make a thinking mistake. The logic behind it is : if 95% of the users use IE why would you start developing a site that does not target this browser primarily.

Actually it is really starting to piss me off. All the time spent whining about how bad everything is what ms does, while working on a Windows XP machine with Office 2003/7 and visual studio on it, the time should be spent on making your life and the life of others easier. If you understand pc’s and coding a little it means you rarely have to be faced with the same problem twice.
I’ve been making websites for 8 years now, most of them not so pretty especially the first few years :)
And I haven’t come across the IE problem that all the others seem to be facing.  However i do have problems with browsers like Konqueror (this is just a piece of sh**), safari (Konqueror based say no more) and Opera.
Up to the point that i don’t want to spend the money on supporting those (except for safari if it is really necessary).

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