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Essential Tools for Web Development

Peter has a post giving an overview of some tools that are essential to him as a developer.


I would say that I use most of them but not all and I would like to add a few to the list because i mainly do webdevelopment and that’s a different story then winforms.
Obviously I made the choice to go for atlas so I won’t sum up any other ajax frameworks. That is reserved for a separate post. 

AJAX/Web development:

Internet Explorer :
Fiddler - a tool to view http traffic (that gets sent through IE)
WebdevelopmentHelper BHO - A tool written by Nikhil Kothari and I consider it crucial
Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar - This has got a lot of cool things you do want to know about your page sometimes.

Mozilla/firefox :
Greasemonkey - makes firefox highly extensible.
WebDeveloper toolbar - This has got a lot of cool things you do want to know about your page sometimes.
Venkman Javascript Debugger - Javascript debugging is a must :)
Greasemonkey Http Trace script - does the same as the BHO or fiddler for IE.

Collaborative development:
We are mostly using team foundation server to do continuous integration. However sometimes when a lot of different parties are involved we can’t use the team foundation testing suite and then we use other tools to do our integration.

TestDriven.NET - does nunit testing and code coverage in VS 2005 - this used to be free but it isn’t anymore.
CruiseControl.NET - does the builds based on nAnt or msbuild build scripts etc. It’s the continous integration server alternative that we use
GhostDoc - essential for documenting your code.


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