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Seems Like Work Isn't Slowing Down for the Moment

I thought I was busy before I got this thing on my hand.   Now it’s even worse. 
I don’t know where to crawl first.

I got my MYOB professional partner subscription last week and am trying to integrate it now in the program I’m writing.  And I have to say.. It’s not all that hard.. just open the docs and you’re good to go.

But what annoys the hell out of me, apart from not being able to run myob on a win2k3 server, is that myob is slow as a dog.  A request can easily take up to 30 seconds to complete. This gives me an excuse to delve into the async pattern. It appeals a lot to me.. but seens as I ‘m always pressed for time I don’t get to experiment all that often.. But this problem does give me the necessity to do it.

Maybe I will post my findings later.  If the async pattern doesn’t give me a good viable solution to my problem I have another way of going about it.  SQL server 2005 supports managed code, which we are all very aware off, so  I can reference and consume a webservice and stick all the myob datatable queries in a sql db as xml, index it and it is also searchable.

But first let’s get to the async pattern..

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