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After One Month of Being Banned From Pc

I have been suffering from tendonitis and I found the time was come to take a break. So did my doctor who told me no pc for one month.. Well this has just been horrible because on top of not using a pc I was also banned from writing. In fact it was better to just not use or move my right hand completely.

Uhm, I failed ;-) The writing no problemo I hardly ever write on a piece of paper (Save the trees !!!). The not using my right hand, well i interpreted unless you absolutely have to, because even now I still can’t roll a cigarette with only my left (bad) hand.
The not using a pc .. let’s say : Hello Dragon Natural Speaking. That’s the name of my new friend :)  It took a while before it recognized my english, I’m suffering from a bad accent, somewhere between German and Dutch I’m told.

But programming C# or Javascript with natural speaking is not what you want to do, so my pc usage was limited to writing English mails and having English chats or skyping to some the friends.

Anyway I’m back in action now and am not planning to take a break for some time to come.


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