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Using IronRuby With RubyMine

RubyMine was released earlier this week. I’ve used rubymine in the past and was very impressed with the IDE, so much that I’m silently hoping the guys from Jetbrains would do a C# IDE too. I’d probably buy that one as well, but for now I’ll settle for Resharper with Visual studio.

By default Rubymine won’t accept IronRuby as a ruby SDK, but I asked for help in the twitterverse and got it (http://twitter.com/iRomeo/statuses/1677867948).


Just symlinking didn’t really work because the ruby.exe listens to –version for getting its version number.  IronRuby on the other hand listens to –v to get its version number.  The solution to that is to create a batch file that will translate the –version  modifier to –v.

So instead of symlinking the ir.exe to a name that starts with ruby I created a batch file called ruby_iron.cmd with the following content.

@echo off
set IR_CMD="%~dp0ir.exe"
if "%1"=="--version" ( GOTO RUBY_VERSION )
%IR_CMD% -v
goto QUIT

With that ruby_iron.cmd file in place you can just add IronRuby as an SDK in RubyMine.

Enjoy :)


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