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The IronRuby in Action Book Went Into EAP Today

It’s been a bit of journey but my IronRuby in Action book finally went into EAP today. EAP means exactly what it means in the software world, still very much subject to change. This could be seen as a public review :)  I welcome any suggestions you may have.

You can find the book at http://manning.com/carrero There is also a forum there where you can post suggestions and/or problems you may encounter when running the code samples. I look at it as my issue tracker :)

I’m currently working on a chapter where I build a complete twitter client with IronRuby and WPF (not silverlight as indicated on the current TOC). It is based on Witty but uses IronRuby instead of C# to drive the xaml. Also some storyboards have been replaced by IronRuby instead of by xaml stuff. It’s also not a straight port of Witty because I haven’t really looked at their code apart from the xaml that is.

Happy reading :)

Update: Some people started calling it the “jugs book”

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