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OSX and Resharper Get in Eachothers Way

And today I discovered that using unity severly interferes with my flow in visual studio.

I have ctrl-space mapped to quicksilver on mac osx which would mean I have to rebind either autocompletion or quicksilver, and it sure as hell won’t be my autocompletion. I think it will be too hard to unset that binding in my brain I’ve been using ctrl-space for about 10 years now, without even thinking about it. I even try to use it in Word but of course that doesn’t work ;)

The typing speed is also a little bit too sluggish for me to actually enjoy working in visual studio in unity mode. I decided to get back to a ruby project in textmate :)

I’ll try later on if it’s doable through full screen mode in fusion; and if that doesn’t work, I’ll have no other option than to boot into vista if I have to do .NET work.

There is another key missing from the mac keyboard, the insert key (and I have to admit about this one I’m definitely not that happy - what were they thinking??). So far the keyboard is the hardest to get used to. I mean those would probably be my most used shortcuts : ctrl - arrow, home, end, alt-insert and i now have to learn how to use different combinations and different ones in every program.

In other news, today i found myself using alt-C and alt-V on my windows keyboard when I wanted to copy paste. I think all the shortcuts have no right or wrong combination but it won’t be long before I master the ones on the mac that’s for sure.

I feel a lot better having that off my chest.


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