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Doing a Talk at the Alt.NET User Group Meeting

I’m doing my talk on the DLR and IronRuby again on wednesday for the Alt.NET user group meeting in Wellington. If you have the time please come along.


This is the invitation that went out:

Come along next Wednesday to our next .NET user group meeting. There’s
not that many left before the end of the year!

Note that next weeks meeting will be at the Xero office, details
below. Please RSVP in a separate email to kirkj@paradise.net.nz so we
can organise catering.



Dynamic Runtime & Languages - What’s it all about?
Wellington, Wed 21/11/2007
Gather at 5:55pm, starting at 6:00pm

Presented by Ivan Porto Carrero

Ivan will be presenting on the Dynamic Language Runtime and the Ruby
programming language.

IronRuby is Microsoft’s implementation of the Ruby language over the
.NET CLR, and uses the new Dynamic Language Runtime to support the
dynamic language features of Ruby.

Come along to find out what makes dynamic languages different to
object-oriented languages, and what make the DLR and Ruby interesting.

Ivan is a regular speaker at New Zealand .NET user group events and
Code Camps, and is writing a new book on IronRuby.


Level 1
Old Bank Building
98 Customhouse Quay
(Above Workshop)

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