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Auckland Codecamp

The last codecamp was a huge success :D  We had lots of interesting speakers and I now know a lot more about the WCF service factory than I did before.

My session at codecamp was about Javascript best practices. I think it went pretty well judging by the reactions I got from some of the people in the audience.

I mentioned that I would put up my slides and the demo application

In the afternoon I did not stay at codecamp but instead went with Alex James and Nikhil Kothari to explore Auckland for a while.  During the exploration of Auckland we of course discussed some geeky things like Alex’s pet pieve : Data 2.0 and I could not resist talking about MVC and webforms with Nikhil, after all how often will I get the chance to talk to the architect of webforms face to face.

Anyway I’d like to construct a list of arguments in favor of MVC (eg. Castle/Monorail) and webforms.  So if you’re reading this blog and you have something you can contribute to this list please leave a comment.

So far I have : it’s easier to develop complex UI’s with an MVC type framework than it is with webforms. I’m more productive in the MVC framework than I am with the classic ASP.NET model.  The classic asp.net model promotes code duplication or at least makes it easier to fall into that trap.

 Nikhil has some valid points in defence of webforms:

Sooner or later you are going to need some state that’s why we have viewstate :) and you will typically maintain your own state in a hidden field. Webforms is a framework and you roll your own specific framework for every new site.  There is nothing you can with MVC that you can’t do with webforms. 

All his arguments are valid in my book.

I have to get back to teched now but as soon as I get some more time I’m sending Nikhil a very small project programmed in the MVC way and the same app in webforms.


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