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Wellington - Lunch With Geeks (24/7/2007)

I didn’t put the minutes up from last week because we had too many people there and we didn’t get a real group conversation going.. It was mostly little separated groups so I don’t really know what has been talked about.  I also have a deadline for a client rapidly approaching so I didn’t really find the time to add this to my blog.

But I would like to thank everybody that was there last week for attending.

Anyway today we had another Geek lunch and the topic of discussion was:

What will you do to become a better programmer this year ?

I’ll sum up the list of things to do that we all agreed upon.

  1. Take an advanced reading course to improve your reading speed. People make a couple of really common mistakes when reading stuff and this course unlearns them. It improves your reading speed up to 3 times.. The course only takes 4 mornings so it’s definitely something I’ll be doing in the near future.

  2. Read a new book every month/ 2months.

  3. Take an advanced writing course in order to write that dreaded documentation a lot faster.

  4. Learn a new language every year. By taking a quick poll around the table it seemed that the most likely candidates here are Smalltalk, Ruby, Errlang, …

  5. Contribute to open source that way you get to meet a lot of good coders and you learn sooo much.

  6. Get a membership with ACM they give you free books and courses if you’re a member.

  7. Work with as much people and on as many projects as possible in order to gain more experience ==> See open source :)


I want to thank everybody for coming and making this lunch another great one :)

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