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NBlogr Presentation in Wellington

Tonight I got the chance to present my nblogr application to a larger audience. Unfortunately I’m in the process of fixing bugs in NBlogr and one of those bugs required me to make a change to NBlogr.Web/views/default/shared/mainmenu.boo . I had made this change on sunday around midnight right before I went to bed. Of course I forgot to test the application because and it wouldn’t run on my presentation.  When I got home it took me about 3 minutes to fix. I had to import a reference to Base4.Storage in the mainmenu.boo file.

I’d like to thank everybody for coming, their patience and listening to my ramblings.

Anyway I’ve included my slide deck in this post and I think it might be a good idea to post a couple more links to some of the people I mentioned in my talk.
http://www.base4.net  - Alex James, Auckland
http://blog.bittercoder.com - Alex Henderson, Auckland


svn repository:

            [NBlogr-Wellington 02 _05_2007.ppt (440 KB)](http://www.flanders.co.nz/Blog/content/binary/NBlogr-Wellington%2002%20_05_2007.ppt)

To get nblogr running on your machine follow these steps :

Make sure you have a subversion client installed or subversion itself.

C:\Projects> svn co https://svn.koolkraft.net/nblogr/trunk
C:\Projects> osql -E
1> create database nblogr
2> go
1> quit

open the nblogr solution.

change the connection string in web.config

The different configuration options are explained in the web.config

If you want to use a different extension than aspx you have to change the httphandler configuration and set the extension in nblogr/routing

if you want urls to be rewritten without an extension you will have to enable wildcard handling.

hit ctrl-f5 and it should take you through the configuration. If ctrl-f5 doesn’t work try setting up the application in IIS.


**James Hippolite from telecom was so kind to blog most of the bullet points of my slides. Which can be found here http://tvornz.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!A93B6100E328706D!388.entry?c=BlogPart&c02_owner=1

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