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What I Would Like to See Changed in Vista

I do see the benefit of UAC in vista but I would like it to have some type of timeout or program context so that when I open visual studio for example I don’t have to click allow for every instance I open (I often have 3 instances open)

I would definitely like to get more control over the UI.

The taskbar had out lived it’s usefullnes back in windows 98 I would love to see some panels like they have in gnome or some taskbar like mac has or a similar higly customizable option. so that i am not plagued by all those windows.

That would also solve the debacle of the shutdown menu options because a user can ultimately change what is there.  I’d like to see power more power for the people.

Tagging for any type of file would also be great and a search that works a bit faster.

I’m sure the people at Microsoft are really smart people that would be able to decouple the interface from the underlying functionality.

These customizable options are really nice and would in turn build a whole new type of community.

There will probably be more coming.. but this concludes this post for today.

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