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Received My New Laptop Today

After a couple of days delay, because the transporter company couldn’t find where i lived, I have received my new Dell M90 laptop.

I’m hoping that one will be faster than the M70 that i have now.

The first thing i notice is that the 17” screen is bigger than the 17” on the old one.

The colors also seem brighter.. White is white as opposed to broken white on my old one.. I can’t tell anything about the speed yet. As I’m currently doing a clean install of windows vista x64 on it.

It’s a 64-bit dual core laptop which didn’t allow me to get bluetooth onboard.

The setup will be :
office 2007
visual studio 2005 SP1
Sql 2005 SP2(CTP)
Ruby in steel
Radrails (for some reason i can’t let go of visual studio but ruby in steel is far from perfect)
Resharper 2005
Photoshop CS2
Tortoise SVN + Ankh svn + subversion (different environment, each with it’s own requirements.)
Windows live writer

Hopefully¬† now I won’t have to wait so long anymore¬†for actions to complete.

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