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I've Been Tagged and I Hid So Well :)

Darryl has tagged me

The idea of the tagging bit is that I don’t talk about programming but find a couple of things you don’t really know about me.

So here we go.

1) I used to be into playing volleyball and soccer (goalie) when i was a lot younger.. and I used to be in a band playing the bass. I obviously wasn’t very good in the musical side otherwise i wouldn’t be a programmer :)

2) I’m not married nor do I have a relationship at the current time. Not that I’m not interested the last couple relationships just didn’t work out.

3) I didn’t go to university, but i did start college. I think degrees are highly overrated. Passion, ambition and drive all together is much more important in my book.]

4) I wasn’t always a programmer. I’ve been a bartender/waiter in a studentbar in Antwerp. I’ve sold timesharing in Spain as an OPC and a sales rep. And in between i’ve been a junior system engineer for SGS Belgium.

5) When I was at school, I was the one with the big mouth, making jokes all the time and really walking the line of what can and can’t be done without getting into too much trouble. I didn’t get picked on really but also didn’t do much of the picking that goes against my  nature.

So these are my five things i wanted to share today. I guess now it’s my time to tag somebody :

I’m tagging Alex James - One of the smartest people I know

Another person to tag is Miel Van Opstal we started out together and he is one of my oldest friends.  Miel is workig for Microsoft as an evangelist.

Another Belgian to tag is Raoul Jacobs he knows sql server inside out as well as access

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