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Another View Engine for Castle

Ken Egozi has created a c# and vb view engine for castle. It’s not yet available for download but looks promising

You can check it out at : AspView - Yet another MonoRail ViewEngine

As I mentioned previously that I do like boo but i miss intellisense in visual studio and let’s face it at this moment NOTHING beats visual studio as an IDE. Although sharpdevelop scores a lot higher than eclipse in my book. And what an amazing tool they built with so little resources in comparison to the other IDE projects.

I like c# obviously but have been toying around with ironpython a little lately. Once i pass the decorator bit I’d sure love to port the brail view engine to an ironpython view engine (the only problem i see there is that i don’t have time :S to really do it.)

Anyway I thought I might share with you what i have planned as non-workrelated projects for the year that is to come.

  1. Finish nblogr
  2. Make nblogr work on linux and on mysql and/or postgres
  3. Create the ironpython view engine (from here onwards i want to be able to use ironpython as my primary language)
  4. Add forums to nblogr
  5. Add CMS capabilities to nblogr (very distant future)

Let me know what you think about the ironpython view engine ?

As stated before I would love some help in any one of my side projects of course. Just drop me a line and I’ll figure out where to fit you in :)

I whished I had some more interesting stuff to talk about but the last 5-6 weeks I’ve been buried in some application and hoping to finish it this week.

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