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Moving to Wellington

A while ago i posted that I was hiring somebody.

Well first of all ==> It’s not easy to find somebody

Secondly this might have been jumping the gun a bit because in light of some recent developments I’ve decided to move my whole operation to Welington aka “Silicon Welly”.Probably I’ll have to look into hiring somebody again around may-june next year.

So the goal is to be up and running in Wellington on the 1st of march. 

I won’t be boring you with all the reasons why I think Wellington is a better place to be than New Plymouth for a technology company. But one of the main ones would be that cows don’t really need websites or UI’s.

I hope I’ll find myself a proper place to settle. I’m looking for a reasonably small house (not shed or likewise) with a garden, preferrably one that will hold it’s ground and not slide of the mountain when it rains.

Looking forward to moving there :)

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