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No Post Yesterday I Was Moving From Team Foundation to Subversion

I was using Team foundation workgroup edition  for the past year to manage collaborating with a couple of people. And the other stuff you use team foundation for.

I like Team foundation a lot but unfortunately am not rich enough to buy licenses for everybody that needs to log bugs etc.  To avoid all those licensing issues we have switched over to a combination of open source packets.The total cost of the operation is about 450NZD for unlimited licenses.

So what is the setup :

The whole experience took about 6 hours to configure ant that is because I didn’t know apache at all and getting it to work with SSL did take me some time until I found the install guide that had a link to compiled binaries. I’m not that good in compiling ansi-C on a windows 2k3 64-bit machine without the windows sdk installed. Not to mention all these little tools you have to download all over the place. Most of them i had never heard of before, so yes I was happy to find that guide.

We are now completely switched over, except for the work items that are currently in team foundation server. It was a good moment to do this because the most of the previous projects have come to an end and the new wave is rolling in. I got really tired of retyping the emails etc I got into the issue tracker, simply becasue I couldn’t afford it.

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