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Open Source Project Management

Yesterday I got to meet an Argentinian guy who joined the NBlogr

He showed me a couple of really cool sites that I thought would be a good idea to share.

An open-source resource oriented project management system : Open Workbench

An open-source search engine (finds open source programs built on Lucence) : Krugle 

And last but not least an article on the codeproject :

This article describes a “script engine” for the C# language. Here are some of the key features of the presented scripting system:

  • Based on the full featured C#.
  • Full access to CLR and CTS.
  • Can be run with any version of CLR (.NET 1.1/2.0), even potentially with future releases.
  • Possibility of extending the functionality of any CLR application with “scripting”, by hosting the script engine in this application.
  • Integration with common IDEs and debuggers.
  • Integration with OS.
  • Availability of comprehensive documentation (local and online Help, tutorials, samples…).


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