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Did Teched Have an Impact

In my case I guess it did.

First of all there were the presentations on Presentation Foundation which were really cool and made me want to start playing with it right away.

Unfortunately for my playing time, currently I am in a really busy period professionally so I’ll just have to stick with what I know already.

However I will start using communication foundation whenever possible as well as workflow foundation these two pieces are too useful for me not to use them.
Also it made me rethink the way I’ve been using atlas and how I’ve been evolving with the development of websites in atlas.

In the beginning I was doing atlas I used update panels like everybody else. But soon I came across a lot of limitations of the update panel. Where they weren’t flexible enough etc. That’s when I started talking to webservices directly and did to everything client-side. This had as drawback that once you started to put a reasonable amount of functionality in the page the initialisation process takes a really long time. In meantime atlas has evolved for the better I must say. Also the control toolkit has grown a lot.

Now the control toolkit holds the control I’ve anticipated the most : the animation control. Also for about every bit of functionality you have a blueprint in the control toolkit that let you extend every server control on your page to do pretty much anything you want.

Where I was in doubt last week if atlas was really the best choice to go the ajax route. Now these doubts have been erased.

At tech ed I got a chance to have a chat with Scott Guthrie, who for a really smart guy knows how to communicate really well and certainly better than me :), and he couldn’t say what was on the horizon atlaswise but just that it was going to be really cool. Even cooler than Nikhil Kothari’s script sharp, I for one can’t wait to set what they have in store for us.

In short teched was excellent in my case and would love to do it again :)

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