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I Opened a Workspace for NBlogr on Gotdotnet

Today I opened a workspace on gotdotnet for an open source blog engine I started writing.

Everybody is welcome to join in. The space I have on gotdotnet is not so big which means that you’ll have to email me for now to get the complete and current source database.

A little bit later this week I will have a demo site/blog running on http://www.nblogr.com

The characteristics of the blog are :

  1. It’s Atlas :)

  2. It’s free for everybody to use

  3. It’s open source so please if you change something then let me know.

  4. Will be focussing on integrating the whole web 2.0 (the real web 2.0) experience i.e. direct integration of flickr etc.

  5. The conversion from your current blog software should run without glitches.

I am definitely in need of somebody that knows how to create good templates/xhtml/css designs because that is not my strongest side.

The workspace is located @ http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/nblogr


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