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For those of you that are concerned with design patterns for ajax check out this site :


I have to say that that site is a real gem.  I for one am concerned with usability and am not discriminating so I think the leap to accessibility is only very small.  We are planning an application that is ajaxed and should still be completely usable by blind users which will be intresting to build.

In preparation for this i stumbled upon http://www.maxkiesler.com/index.php/weblog/comments/how_to_make_your_ajax_applications_accessible/

That page has got about 40 links to sites that discuss accesibility in an ajaxed world.

The last issue I’m facing is the fact that because asp.NET renders webresource urls that are incredibly long. The w3 xhtml validator won’t validate my pages and only because of this url.  I want to render valid xhtml 1.1 pages. So that’s something I will be looking at in the next few weeks when I’ve got some spare time.

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