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Weird Vista Stuff

Apart from the fact that my bluetooth headset won’t work with vista. I do have a few other things that keep my mind busy.

I think it sucks I can’t debug my asp.net apps when they are hosted on a UNC share. (this behavior was already present in XP)

If you are like me then you rarely turn off your pc and have it do a lot of stuff for maintenance during the night. This would be nighthly spyware checking, nightly virus scanning and defragmenting on certain days of the month.
Well if I leave my pc on during the night with a IE window open and outlook my internet is sluggish up to the point that I just gave up.  I had a look on other pc’s on my network and internet was indeed working fine. So I restarted my vista box and yes sir we have somewhat fast internet again.

Anyway i still can’t find anything wrong with office 2007 ==> probably because I don’t look for stuff to be wrong.  And I do like new Outlook interface with the new sidebar on the right. Keeps me better informed :)

Mauricio has a few more things to say on vista, and probably he will be a better source for information than I am.



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