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Webstock Was Great !

Last week on thursday and friday, I attended the webstock convention.

The greatest thing about webstock for me personally was that I got to meet all these people that I ordinarily never would meet.

I considered myself very lucky when i got to have dinner with Douglas Bowman. I do feel somewhat ashamed for the stupid questions I asked him.
I also got to have a chat with Kelly Goto, who came to enlighten us about ethnographics and their huge impact on how websites are perceived.

As if that wasn’t enough I also came across Tony Chor who is responsible for the IE blog and Team, he was accompanied by Grandhi another big guy. Both very pleasant gentlemen indeed.

Now back to webstock, what did I personally take from that whole experience.

Accessibility isn’t to be neglected and should be right up there with Usability
All those people came a very long way to make these points very clear and to make us, designers and developers alike, very aware of that the web is more and more turning into an integral part of social life. And has changed social life as we knew it a few years ago completely.  I still remember the days very vividly that I needed to phone my friend on his landline to confirm that he was home or to talk to him.
If he wasn’t home too bad, better luck next time…

Sitting there gave me a few good ideas for websites that i can build in a reasonable amount of time.

Yes I met a whole bunch of people, that I liked as much as the aformentioned people but they didn’t stand up on the stage to fill peoples brains with fresh ideas and views.

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