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I live in new zealand.

I can successfully create appointments in exchange using webDAV.  But I can only create them in the timezone Z if I change the timezone to Y (which is mine) I always get bad request.

Do I say ok.. so not during string conversion but I just calculate the offset and add that to the date and create the appointment then that should be ok. Also not !!!

My conversion function is very basic but i didn’t find a way to get it properly formatted in .NET so this is my way. The function below ends with “Y“ and this doesn’t work, when I end it on Z it does work. Any suggestions ?

All sorted now.. instead of passing on the timezone I should replace the Y with the offset of the timezone to +13:00 in the new zealand case.


formatDate(DateTime input){

return input.ToString(“yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss.fffzzz”);


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