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MS Antispyware Doesn't Do Its Job

I had a discussion with my friend Miel (Coolz0r) about spyware and their scanners for it. 6 months ago I did a test of several anti-spyware programs and MS antispyware became the winner. It found the most spyware and what I liked most about it was that it provide everything that Ad-aware and Spybot supplied all together. This and the spynet option.  But in 6 months a lot can change and now I have whenU on my machine together with some other heavy duty spyware.  More on the reasons for this you can find in the link below




So the search for a good, free spyware cleaner goes on … I’ll post more when I’ve found one.  If anybody has a recommendation please let me know, because spyware me-no-like.

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